We’ve Updated Our Delivery Prices

Our goal is to bring Instacart to as many customers as possible at the lowest price possible. While our starting delivery price has not changed in the past three and a half years, a lot about Instacart has changed. We’ve partnered with over 100 retailers, we’ve opened operations in more than 18 cities around the country and we’ve welcomed thousands of Personal Shoppers to our community.

To account for these improvements to our service, as well as changing market conditions, we’ve updated our prices:

  • For most cities, delivery now starts at $5.99
  • Instacart Express will be $149/year beginning January 4th, 2016

Where to find the cost of delivery for your order:

The shopping cart shows a preview of delivery prices for your order, and will help you qualify for discounts and promotions.
The cost of delivery for your order is always clearly shown during checkout when you select a delivery time.

What you need to know about delivery prices:

  • In most cities, Instacart delivery starts at just $5.99 for delivery within 2 hours or delivery scheduled for later
  • Additional fees may apply to 1 hour deliveries or deliveries with under $35 of items
  • Busy Pricing fees may apply during times of high demand

What you need to know about Instacart Express:

  • Instacart Express is a yearly membership which gives members unlimited free 2 hour and scheduled deliveries over $35
  • New Instacart Express subscriptions will be $149/year beginning January 4, 2016

Learn more about our pricing

As always, we want to hear from you. Please tell us what you think about these pricing changes by emailing us at help@instacart.com.

5 Things You Must Do With Your Holiday Meat

Planning your Christmas dinner? Odds are, you’ll need to figure out your main dish, sides and dessert. With the variety of changing tastes and food trends, the  21st century Christmas table is not confined to the ever-revered Christmas ham. How about a succulent leg of lamb? A show-stopping rib roast? A healthy vegetarian main dish, with meat as a side?

We aren’t here to tell you how to eat. But, if you do choose to serve meat to your family and friends this holiday season – it better be juicy, succulent, delicious and memorable. That’s where we come in, with these five must-have tips on cooking your holiday meat.


Photo c/o feedfeed

1. Cook your meat with care

Carefully cook your meat after you’ve brought it to room temperature. When you put an ice cold slab of meat in the oven or on the grill, you risk cooking the outside too quickly and drying it out before the inside has time to cook. This is especially true with pasture raised meats not finished on grain. They have less fat (therefore less of a “buffer”) and cook about 30% faster. Let your leg of lamb take a lunch on the counter. Pour yourself a glass of Pinot and look forward to evenly cooked deliciousness. Simple garlic and rosemary recipe and in depth lamb discussion here.

2. Let meat rest before cutting into it.

This allows juices to re-absorb into the meat. For roasts, this also gives the center more time to fully cook.

3. Know your cuts and how they are prepared.

Grill your butcher on this (yes, that pun was intended). They have the knowledge that will help you treat your meat right.


Loin muscles, for example, generally go “hot and fast” where shoulder and leg muscles are “slow and low.”

4. Don’t let salt sit on the meat.

Too much salt will dry it right out. If you’re using a dry rub or marinade, allow only up to an hour of exposure.

5. Buy whole chickens whenever possible.

This is truly the most sustainable way to eat chicken. Roast it whole, eat some of the meat for dinner and put the rest in a soup tomorrow.


Photo c/o The New York Times

The carcass will produce the richest of stocks, that have the added benefit of freezing super easily. Or, ask your butcher to cut it for you — they’ll typically do it for free (we do)! Try this easy recipe. Sometimes simple is best.


We’re proud to offer the best price in town for grass-fed rib roast and grass-fed lamb, raised less than 25 miles from our store at Reister Farms. Of course, we also carry the traditional delicious holiday ham.

If you want to do some homemade but still want to relax and enjoy this festive occasion, we offer outstanding pre-made sides (and they won’t know the difference!) Our holiday pre-ordering is available here or (duh) use Instacart.

From our holiday table to yours, we wish you love, light, family, togetherness, and if it’s your bag, perfectly cooked, seasoned, scrumptious meat. Have a holly jolly (delivered) holiday feast.

This post was written by Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, OR.

5 NYE Recipes and Drinks that Every Guest will Love

When you think of ringing in the New Year what comes to mind? Perhaps some champagne, fireworks, friends and family — and maybe even a kiss at midnight! One thing you probably don’t picture, however, is being in line at the grocery store on New Year’s Eve when you should be celebrating.

Luckily for you, Instacart can take care of all your last-minute NYE grocery needs so you and your friends can save time to celebrate. Order bubbly drinks, party platters, ingredients for appetizers and more to ring in 2016 the right way.

Don’t forget to read up on our tried and tested NYE recipes and drinks that guests (and yourself!) will love …

1. Sherried Cranberry Smash, Whole Foods Market

A fizzy, classy NYE cocktail perfect for ringing in the new year.


2. Bubbly Hot Shrimp Dip, PCC Natural Markets

Creamy, warm dip with shrimp and tangy peppers. Better chow down on this one before your New Year’s resolutions kick in!

3. Skinny Spiced Cider, Andronico’s Community Markets

For those of you trying to get a head start on a healthy 2016, this cider is for you.

Skinny Spiked Cider_640

4. Spanish Deviled Eggs, Bi-Rite Market

You won’t be able to keep these deviled eggs on the platters — they’re a party-goer’s favorite!

spanish deviled eggs

5. Warmed Brie with Cranberry, Pear and Ginger Sauce, Sigona’s Farmers Market

There’s nothing more decadent than warm brie at a NYE party!


Lastly, we suggest you take the guess work out of the holiday party grocery list by simply using this Party Planning Made Easy shopping checklist. Simply add all the items to your cart and go!

What will you be serving at your holiday party, friends? Tweet us your favorite dishes @Instacart.

7 Unique Holiday Dishes to Wow Your Family and Friends

There’s no time like the holidays for good food and company. If you want to up your game this year, use these unique holiday dishes to wow your guests at your next gathering. Perfect for last-minute hosts looking to make an unforgettable meal!

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Whole Foods Market


2. Mashed Cauliflower with Truffle Oil, Andronico’s Community Markets

mashed cauliflower_640

3. Cranberry Brie Puff Pastry Pops, PureWow


4. White Bean Puree with Prosciutto, Bi-Rite Markets


5. Pumpkin Pie Acorn Squash with Kale, Quinoa and Pomegranate, Sigona’s Farmers Market

Stuffed Pumpkin Pie Spiced Acorn Squash with Quinoa Kale and Pomegranate 0373 E (1 of 1)

6. Cinnamon White Russians, Pinch of Yum


7. Kale and Artichoke Dip, Love and Lemons


What’s your favorite unique holiday dish? Tweet us a pic @Instacart.

Instacart Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season! While Instacart is great at helping you avoid those crazy holiday grocery store lines, it’s also great for pet owners looking to stock up on some last-minute holiday treats for fur babies.

Order from Instacart to get treats, toys, pet accessories and more to include your pets in the cheer of the holiday season. Here are some of our favorite finds, perfect for a pet gift and deliverable with Instacart!


For Dogs:

For Cats:

For your other pet friends:


Of course, the gift of having an amazing pet in your household is a great gift in of itself. Don’t forget to read our tips for keep your pets safe during the holiday season, so every member of your family can enjoy the holidays.

Simplify the Holiday Season with Help from Instacart

By: Renee Whisnant, Lakewinds Co-Op

Most people think about fast, easy, affordable grocery delivery when they think about Instacart. And that’s true! But Instacart can also help you simplify your holiday preparations. From simple entertaining ideas to unique, local gifts, Instacart can help you quickly browse and order the perfect items this season — then deliver them to your door to save you time, energy and effort. Happy Holidays, indeed!

Delicious, Easy Cheese Plate

When you’re bringing an appetizer to a holiday party, the last thing you want to make is a complicated, laborious recipe. Who has time for that? You want a dish that’s easy to assemble but delicious – like a cheese plate.

Holiday Cheese Plate

Start by highlighting a local cheese, perhaps a delicious goat cheese or white cheddar. Next add something salty, such as olives, prosciutto or almonds; something sweet, such as a fig spread or some local honey; and finally something fresh, such as slices of apple or pear. Serve with your favorite cracker or thin slices of baguette for a beautiful cheese plate full of flavor.

Ingredients for Special Diets

When you have a guest who is vegan or avoiding gluten, there’s no need to worry. It’s easy to include items free of common food allergens. Find a vegan cheese substitute, gluten-free crackers, and add hummus to your platter. Most stores carry different non-dairy milks, gluten-free flour and other items to use when baking and cooking for guests with special diet needs.

The Perfect Hostess Gift

A bag of specialty chocolates makes a delicious and appreciated hostess gift. Sea salt caramels, toffee, chocolate-covered nuts and other chocolate delicacies can be quickly purchased via Instacart. For someone who’s avoiding chocolate, coffee or tea in a unique flavor is an appreciated treat for your host.

Unique Local Gifts

Look for locally made, unique items to give as gifts. The wellness, personal care or household department of your favorite Instacart store is a great place to start. Browse items such as candles, handcrafted soaps, luxurious body creams or aromatherapy diffusers. Is your gift recipient busy and feeling hectic? Choose a scent that is meditative, perhaps with lavender. Is the person feeling tired? A peppermint or citrus scent is energizing. You can personalize your present by knowing what aromatherapy would best suit its recipient.

Sun Leaf Reed Diffusers

The holidays are a wonderful time of year but can get stressful. Simplify by ordering what you need and having it delivered to your door by Instacart. From easy holiday appetizers to unique local gifts, Instacart can help you save time and simplify this holiday season.

Browse more unique, local holiday items from Lakewinds.

6 Holiday Cookies and Desserts Guaranteed to Please Guests

Hosting a holiday party this season? From the appetizers to the drinks and decor, as a holiday host you’ve got a lot on your plate. In between planning and prepping, make sure you don’t forget one key ingredient to a successful holiday party — the desserts!

From festive cookies to cakes and more, desserts and sweet treats are one of the holiday staples that make this time of the year extra-merry. Need some sweet inspiration? These 6 holiday cookie and dessert ideas are Instacart-tested and guest-approved!

1. Spiced Peanut Butter Cookies, Whole Foods Market

Spiced peanut butter cookies

Your favorite peanut butter cookies just got a sweet and spicy holiday twist!

2. Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Green Zebra Grocery

These spicy pumpkin cookies are a zesty dessert full of holiday flavor — and they’re easy to make! It’s a guaranteed holiday hit for years to come.

3. Citrus Olive Oil Cake, Bi-Rite Market

Holiday citrus olive oil cake

Citrus olive oil cakes are a traditional Italian holiday treat that have a light, refreshing taste and are less sugar-heavy than your typical desserts.

4. Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust, Pure Wow

Cinnamon roll pie crust

No time to make a pie from scratch? Using store-bought cinnamon roll dough is an easy and unique way to create a drool-worthy pie!

5. Salted Caramel Apple Tart, Sigona’s Farmers Market

Salted apple caramel tart

Sweet and decadent, this salted caramel apple tart is just like tasting a slice of the holidays!

6. Buttermilk Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache, PCC Natural Markets

Orange buttermilk chocolate ganache cake

A fluffy cake with a hint of citrus, smothered in rich chocolate ganache — what’s not to love?

Tell us your favorite holiday dessert recipe: Tweet us @instacart!